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Configuring Scheduler in Nexus

In this post we shall discussing about how to configure Scheduler on Nexus platform. The purpose of the scheduler is to assist the network admins with performing maintenance activities like saving configuration or performing a backup or it can also be used for performing stress testing in labs by simulation scenario's like interface flaps, linecard reloads, Supervisor switchover, etc. [More]

Packet Capture on ASR1k

Hi Guys, Recently I came across a Cisco's Packet Capture tool on ASR1000 platform. You can capture the packet both in the ingress and the egress direction. The packet capture is done on the Quantum Flow Processor (QFP) Asic of the ESP card. Please note that the packet capture is shown on the IOS-XE version 3.3.1. Below is an example for the same. If you want to capture a packet between ASR1k and any other router say ASR1k ------- ASR9k (Please remember that the ASR9k is a IOS-XR based router) and they are connected over a TenGigabitEthernet Link. Then to capture the RX (Ingress) traffic yo... [More]