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Multicast Service Reflection - Converting Unicast to Multicast

Hello Readers, Today, we are going to discuss about an interesting topic which is Multicast Service Reflection. Consider a situation, where in a Live Webcast that needs to be conducted and there are thousand's of people who will be viewing this webcast. Will it be feasible to send a unicast to all the webcast viewers or a multicast. We know the answer: Its Multicast. But what if from where the server from where the webcast has to be hosted has some old software and does not support Multicast. The server can only send Unicast traffic. Or what if the situation is reversed. The end host where th... [More]

Multicast VPN (mVPN)

Hello Friends, Today, I will be discussing about Multicast VPN (MVPN) in which I will be explaining how it works with an example and help you troubleshoot mVPN issues on 7600 platform. As a pre-requisite, I assume everyone understands basic multicast concepts and different PIM modes specially PIM SP (Sparce Mode) and also Multicast VPN concept. First of all we, its impotant to understand that Multicast forwarding is opposite of Unicast forwarding. Unicast is concerned about where the packet is going where as Multicast is concerned about where the packet came from. Multicast uses Reverse Path ... [More]

Anycast-RP - The Application of MSDP

Hey Friends,  I am back with yet another post on Multicast. But, this time its about Anycast RP. But before we try to understand what is Anycast RP and how does it work, its more important to learn about MSDP. Multicast Source Distribution Protocol (MSDP) allows multicast sources of a group to be known to all Rendezvous points (RP) in different multicast domains. MSDP is a mechanism that allows RPs to share information about active sources. RPs know about their sources and receivers in their local domain. When RPs in different / remote domains hear about active sources, they can pass on... [More]

Multicast Equal Cost Multipath (ECMP)

Hello Friends,  Its been a long while that I posted something interesting on my blog. Here comes something that might interest you. Today I am going to discuss on Multicast ECMP feature. But before we discuss this feature, lets first define the problem that we are trying to solve so that we know why we need this feature. Problem Definition: Currently if there are multiple equal-cost paths towards a PIM source or RP, only one of them will be selected as the RPF path. PIM will send joins out of that path towards the source (of S,G routes) or RP (of *, G routes). All multicast traffic wil... [More]