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Inter-Area MPLS TE on IOS-XR

Hello Everyone, As mentioned earlier, today I will be discussing about Inter-Area MPLS TE. In my previous blog, we already discussed regarding Inter-Domain MPLS traffic engineering and we further discussed on the Inter-AS MPLS traffic engineering. We are now going to the second form of Inter-Domain MPLS traffic engineering i.e. Inter-Area MPLS traffic engineering. Inter-Area MPLS TE is fairly simple as compared to Inter-AS MPLS TE. Also, I will be discussing this topic on IOS-XR platform. The MPLS TE Interarea Tunnels feature allows you to establish MPLS TE tunnels that span multiple Interio... [More]


Hello Everyone, Today I am going to discuss about Inter-AS MPLS Traffic-engineering (TE). Till now we have seen how MPLS behaves within a single AS but will not see the functionality and implementation of Traffic-engineering Tunels. Actually Inter-AS MPLS TE is a part of Inter-Domain Traffic-engineering in which a domain is identified as an IGP area or an Autonomous-System. In Inter-Domain TE, Head-End router lacks complete network topology to perform path computation in both cases.  Inter-Domain TE Fast-Reroute: The Inter-Domain TE FRR has the same configuration as the single doma... [More]


As we read about Layer 2 VPN's, Pseudowires, etc, there comes a need for MPLS OAM (Operations, Administration and Maintenance) mechanisms that can we can use for fault detection, administration and multiple other functions over a PW and a LSP. These functions can be used between any two LERs or LSRs and specifically in a MPLS TP environment. There are existing tools which can serve similar functions: 1. VCCV - Virtual Circuit Connectivity Verification 2. BFD MPLS 3. LSP Ping 4. BFD VCCV Note: VCCV is basically a control channel between a PWs ingress and egress points over which the connec... [More]

MPLS TE with Fast-Reroute (FRR) - Link Protection

Hey Guys, Today I have a very interesting topic to discuss. We are going to discuss about MPLS Traffic-engineering (TE) with Fast-Reroute (FRR). Actually, I came across some customer issue and I had to dig deeper into the platform level of 7600 to find out the root cause. But, then lately I realized that I should share the concept with everyone. So here it is..  MPLS Traffic-Engineering MPLS TE combines the ATM's Traffic engineering capabilities with IP's flexibility and Class-of-Service differentiation. MPLS TE tunnels are unidirectional tunnels which are build on the LSP's across you... [More]