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Hello Friends, Today we are going to discuss on another L2VPN implementation i.e. FroMPLS (Frame-Relay over MPLS). In the early days, when Frame-Relay service was heavily used in the customer networks, the Service Providers used to provide Frame-Relay services with the help of Frame-Relay switches like LS1010 and several others. But over the time as the technology have advanced, the Service Providers have upgraded their network to use MPLS which gives them the flexibility to provide any kind of L2 service be it PPP or FR or ATM or plain Ethernet. They don;t need to deploy specific hardware in... [More]

Scalable EoMPLS or EoMPLS

Hello Friends, I am back with yet another interesting topic. Today I am going to discuss on EoMPLS. EoMPLS or Scalable EoMPLS is a L2 point-to-point service between two service instances on different systems. Like Local Connect it doesn't use any MAC learning and it's solely between 2 points. It also doesn't require any global VLAN resource (this applies to scalable EoMPLS only). Before we move further, lets understand what is EVC and Local Connect: By using the EVC framework you can combine multiple different services from different physical ports, i.e. when using multipoint bridging (aka b... [More]