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Hello Friends, Today, I will be sharing an interesting issue which we noticed during one of our migration projects. The feature that i am going to discuss today is the OSPF Local-RIB feature. In order to understand the feature, lets try to create the problematic condition. Consider the below topology: In the above topology, Rx router has the Loopback address of x.x.x.x/32 (ex. R1 has a loopback of All the nodes are running basic OSPF configuration which is advertising the physical interface and the loopback interface. Thus we have a end to end reachability. Lets have a look at... [More]

OSPF Multi-Area Adjacency

Hey Guys, I am back again with an interesting topic. OSPF Multi-Area Adjacency, But before we get onto this topic, lets get to the background of OSPF and why we need this feature. OSPF always prefers intra-area routes over the inter-area routes. This may cause suboptimal routing depending on which area the link is configured. In real life scenarios, Virtual Links are also not the feasible solution to solve the suboptimal routing issue and neither adding parallel additional physical or logical links for each area as this would not scale from the aspect of cost, capacity and operational impact... [More]