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Rate-Based Satellite Control Protocol

Hi All, Today we will be discussing about Rate Based Satellite Control Protocol (RBSCP). RBSCP is a tunneling method designed by Cisco for wireless or long-distance delay links, such as satellite links, which are having high latency or error rates. Satellite links are generally used by companies to connect some of their remote offices to the HQ site data center. Below are the characteristics of the Satellite Links: - Large round trip time (RTT) delays (550ms typical)- Relatively high error / h... [More]

Inter-VRF Routing

Hello All, Today, I will be discussing about VRF-Lite and will also be discussing one of the designs using BGP which have been seen in real world deployments which is the Inter-VRF Routing. Lets first start by understanding what is VRF.  VRF: Virtual Router Forwarding, an IOS feature in which multiple forwarding tables are used, with the choice of which table to use is based upon additional data outside of a packet's IP header, such as the L3 input interface or an MPLS tag. VRF-Lite: An ... [More]