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Hello Everyone, Today I am going to discuss about Inter-AS MPLS Traffic-engineering (TE). Till now we have seen how MPLS behaves within a single AS but will not see the functionality and implementation of Traffic-engineering Tunels. Actually Inter-AS MPLS TE is a part of Inter-Domain Traffic-engineering in which a domain is identified as an IGP area or an Autonomous-System. In Inter-Domain TE, Head-End router lacks complete network topology to perform path computation in both cases.  Inte... [More]

CSPF - The TE Algorithm

Hello Everyone, Today I thought of sharing with you some understanding on CSPF Algorithm. CSPF stands for Constraint Shortest Path First. This constraint-based routing is executed online by Ingress Router. The CSPF calculates an optimum explicit route (ER), based on specific constraints. The path is computed using traffic engineering database which takes the extensions of OSPF and IS-IS as input. The resulting route is then used by RSVP-TE. The CSPF in particular and any constraint ba... [More]

Anycast-RP - The Application of MSDP

Hey Friends,  I am back with yet another post on Multicast. But, this time its about Anycast RP. But before we try to understand what is Anycast RP and how does it work, its more important to learn about MSDP. Multicast Source Distribution Protocol (MSDP) allows multicast sources of a group to be known to all Rendezvous points (RP) in different multicast domains. MSDP is a mechanism that allows RPs to share information about active sources. RPs know about their sources and receivers in th... [More]