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As we read about Layer 2 VPN's, Pseudowires, etc, there comes a need for MPLS OAM (Operations, Administration and Maintenance) mechanisms that can we can use for fault detection, administration and multiple other functions over a PW and a LSP. These functions can be used between any two LERs or LSRs and specifically in a MPLS TP environment. There are existing tools which can serve similar functions: 1. VCCV - Virtual Circuit Connectivity Verification 2. BFD MPLS 3. LSP Ping 4. BFD VCCV Not... [More]

OSPF Multi-Area Adjacency

Hey Guys, I am back again with an interesting topic. OSPF Multi-Area Adjacency, But before we get onto this topic, lets get to the background of OSPF and why we need this feature. OSPF always prefers intra-area routes over the inter-area routes. This may cause suboptimal routing depending on which area the link is configured. In real life scenarios, Virtual Links are also not the feasible solution to solve the suboptimal routing issue and neither adding parallel additional physical or logical ... [More]

MPLS TE with Fast-Reroute (FRR) - Link Protection

Hey Guys, Today I have a very interesting topic to discuss. We are going to discuss about MPLS Traffic-engineering (TE) with Fast-Reroute (FRR). Actually, I came across some customer issue and I had to dig deeper into the platform level of 7600 to find out the root cause. But, then lately I realized that I should share the concept with everyone. So here it is..  MPLS Traffic-Engineering MPLS TE combines the ATM's Traffic engineering capabilities with IP's flexibility and Class-of-Service... [More]